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US Election Updates 2016

2016 Presidential Election

US Election Updates - November 8, 2016

Electronic voting system causing problems in North Carolina

Reports say that North Carolina is facing problems due to the electronic voting system. Election officials were having problems checking people into vote in many… Read More →

Complaint filed against Eric Trump over picture

The Democratic Coalition Against Trump has filed a complaint with the New York State Board of Elections against Eric Trump. As per reports, the complaint… Read More →

Trump wants things to be very smooth

Commenting on the elections, Donald Trump, while speaking to the media, said that he would have to see under what circumstances he would accept the… Read More →

Donald Trump's campaign files lawsuit in Nevada state court

A lawsuit has been filed by Donald Trump’s campaign in Nevada state court. The lawsuit pertains to a decision of the Clark County voter registrar… Read More →

Democrat's VP Nominee Tim Kaine Casts Vote, Applauds High Turnout

The Democratic Party's vice-presidential nominee Tim Kaine cast his vote in the US presidential elections 2016 from his hometown in Richmond, Virginia. Kaine and his… Read More →

US Elections 2016: Polling Begins Along East Coast

Voting has begun along the East Coast states of United States of America to elect the country's next president and vice president. All 50 states… Read More →

Voting Begins in Possibly the Most Polarised Elections in US History

After a heated campaign season, the historic day has finally arrived. American voters will go to the polls today to cast their ballot. Voting will… Read More →

Narrow Victory for Hillary in NH's Hart's Location

Hillary Clinton has clinched a narrow victory in New Hampshire's Hart's Location. Hart’s Location was the first town to begin the practice of midnight voting… Read More →

Trump Wins Big in Millsfield

New Hampshire's Millsfield also voted at midnight and it handed victory to Donald Trump. The Republican nominee bagged 16 votes while Democrat Clinton got four.… Read More →

Trump, Clinton Conclude Hectic Campaign

Republican and Democrat presidential nominees Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton ended one of the bitterest and most dramatic US election campaign in modern history. The… Read More →

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