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US Election Updates 2016

2016 Presidential Election

US Election Updates - November 8, 2016

Shots fired near a polling station in California, two injured

Shots were fired near a polling station in Azusa, California. As per media reports, the polling station is on lockdown and two people have been… Read More →

Early exit polls reveal 38 percent looking for change

The first round of early exit polls have revealed that 38 percent of the voters have said that the most important candidate quality they are… Read More →

Lindsey Graham votes for third party candidate

Lindsey Graham, South Carolina Senator, has announced on twitter that he has voted for Evan McMulliin, a third party candidate.  Graham had dropped out of… Read More →

Clinton to watch election returns at Peninsula, Trump at Trump Tower

Hillary Clinton, along with her family, would be watching the election returns at hotel Peninsula in Manhattan. Meanwhile Donald Trump and his family would watch… Read More →

High voter turnout in Broward County

More than 790,000 people have voted in the Broward County in Florida. As per Brenda Snipes, the county’s supervisor of elections, 170,000 people had already… Read More →

Clinton and Trump roughly tied in Google searches

Both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump have huge searches on Google. Both of them are roughly tied; however, Trump is slightly ahead of Clinton. During… Read More →

Bernie Sanders casts his vote for Hillary Clinton

Bernie Sanders cast his vote for Hillary Clinton, the Democratic presidential nominee, in his hometown Burlington, Vermont. 

Read More →

High school students in Phoenix urge voters to vote

Hundreds of high school students in Phoenix, Arizona, have been staging walkouts from Phoenix-area high schools to encourage members of their communities who are of… Read More →

Russian state TV removes countdown clock

Social media users attacked the Russian state TV for putting a clock on the screen that depicted the countdown to the end of the elections… Read More →

Hillary Clinton vs Donald Trump: An analysis

Around 9 pm, if Hillary Clinton bags all the states where she would probably win, then she would have more than enough electoral votes for… Read More →

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