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US Election Updates 2016

2016 Presidential Election

US Election Updates - November 9, 2016

Trump Gets Texas, Clinton Gets New York

Trump has won Texas, Wyoming, Kansas, North Dakota and South Dakota, where Senator John Thune has been reelected. Clinton has won New York, where Chuck… Read More →

Polls About to Close in Nine States

Polls are soon going to be closed in nine states, including New York, Louisiana, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Nebraska, Colorado, Wyoming, New Mexico and Arizona.


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Clinton Wins Rhode Island

In a very tight race with Trump, Clinton has won four electoral votes in Rhode Islands.


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One Person Killed near LA Polling Station

One person has been killed and two wounded in a polling station near Los Angeles area. All the three victims have been taken to hospital,… Read More →

Trump Wins in Tennessee, Arkansas and Alabama

As per reports, Trump has won electoral votes in Tennessee, Arkansas and Alabama. In Alabama, he has received nine votes.


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Senator Marco Rubio Reelected

Senator Marco Rubio of Florida wins his race for reelection.


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Polls are About to Close in 16 Additional States

Polls are going to be closed in 16 additional states.


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West Virginia Goes to Trump

Along with Indiana and Kentucky, Donald Trump wins in West Virginia as well. Trump receives 253,338 votes, while Clinton receives 192,621. Johnson is left with… Read More →

Shooting in California: One killed

According to latest reports, one person has been killed in the shooting that took place near a polling station in Azusa, California. However, the police… Read More →

Donald Trump wins Indiana, Kentucky; Hillary Clinton wins in Vermont

According to media reports, Donald Trump has won Indiana and Kentucky, while Hillary Clinton has won in Vermont. 

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