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US Election Updates 2016

2016 Presidential Election

US Election Updates - November 9, 2016

Richard Burr Reelected in North Carolina

Senator Richard Burr has been reelected in North Carolina. That brings a good news to Trump.


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Clinton Wins New Mexico, Trump Missouri

Clinton has won New Mexico with five electoral votes., while Trump won Missouri with ten electoral votes.


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Trump hopes to win Missouri, Clinton New Mexico

Seeing the present status of the electoral votes, Trump is being expected to win Missouri, while Clinton may get some good news from New Mexico.

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First Somali-American Legislator Elected

First Somali-American legislator, Ilhan Omar has been elected in the US. She got District 60b seat by defeating longtime incumbent.


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Trump is Ahead of Hillary with 140 Votes

As per reports, Donald Trump is ahead in the race with 140 electoral votes at present, while Hillary Clinton has received 104 votes as of… Read More →

Trump Wins Montana

As expected, Trump has won Montana with three electoral votes.


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Polls to Close in Four States

Polls in four states, Iowa, Montana, Nevada and Utah, are soon going to be closed.


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House Speaker Paul Ryan Going Back to Congress

As per reports, House speaker Paul Ryan is going back to congress. Reports also say that it was expected.


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Clinton Wins Connecticut, Trump Louisiana

Clinton has won Connecticut with seven electoral votes, while Trump has picked up Louisiana.


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Trump Wins the State of Nebraska

Trump has won the state of Nebraska, which includes five electoral votes for Republican.


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