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Earth Atlas
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Earth presents a comprehensive look at the world - from the earliest geological records and the primitive monocultures to the cosmopolitan meeting pots of our modern times .This huge volume is filled with highly detailed, up-to-date, full-color illustrations and topographic map plates that bring each country and region to life with an in-depth profile of each nation taht reveals the unique characteristics of each country.

Find out what the principal language of each nation is, its population, who it shares borders with, and much more.

Our monumental earth reveals the reasons our planet is changing and the international trends and movements that influence and impact on our world.

Thematic maps bring prespective to topics such as climate and weather patterns, natural resources, population density, mineral distribution, and vegetation, while detailed tectonic plate maps reveal the hidden undersea world of trenches, basins, and fracture zones.

Informative text discusses the universe, the solar system, and the night sky, accompanied by huge detailed illustrations.

Earth establishes a new benchmark in the world of atlases, with highly detailed mapping and comprehensive country profiles. Its dimensions are unprecedented, with gatefolds that extend out to 6ft (2 m) in width.


576pp cased and jacketed 610 X 469 mm (24 X 18 1/2 in), portrait comes with metal stand

This comprehensive world atlas examines the physical world as you've never seen it before, with new emphasis on current political, social, and environmental lanscapes.

Featuring four stunning 6 ft (2 m) gatefolds.

Produced by over 40 cartographers and a international team of over 60 expert geographers.

The world we live in is a fascinating and formidable place, with a complexity of cultural, environmental, and physical differences that make each continent-and each country-unique.Changing political climates, coupled with human imapact on the physical landscape, keep our world in a state of flux.

Recent world events have seen borders fall and shift, nations exchange long-held territories, and bitter territorial disputes resolved or revived. Environmental changes have seen rainforests diminish, coastlines erode, and ice shelves collapse.

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