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Dominica Facts

Where is Dominica located ?
Dominica is an island-nation in the Lesser Antilles region of the Caribbean Sea located north-west of Martinique Island and south-southeast of the Guadeloupe Island. Since it is located in the Caribbean Sea, hence it is a part of North America.

What is the nickname of Dominica ?
Dominica is often referred to as the “Nature Isle of the Caribbean”.

What is the capital of Dominica ?
The capital of Dominica is Roseau.

How did the country get its name ?
When Christopher Columbus visited this island in the year 1493, it was a Sunday, hence the nation came to be called as Dominica, which means Sunday in Latin.

What is the area and population of Dominica ?
The total area of Dominica is just 290 square miles and as per the 2011 census there were 71,293 people residing in Dominica.

What is the national bird of Dominica ?
The national bird of Dominica is the Sisserou Parrot which is solely found on the island of Dominica.

What is Boiling Lake in Dominica ?
Boiling Lake is the world’s second largest hot spring which is situated in the Morne Trois Pitons National Park in Dominica.

What is the highest point of Dominica ?
Morne Diablotins at 4,747 feet (1,447 meters) is the highest peak of Dominica.

Which currency is used in Dominica ?
The official currency of Dominica is the East Caribbean Dollar.

Who inhabited Dominica for the first time ?
Orinoco’s Stone Age tribes were the first people to reside in the island nation of Dominica.

What are the official languages of Dominica ?
English is the official language whereas Antillean Creole and French are the two vernacular languages of Dominica.

Which religions are followed in Dominica ?
Roman Catholics constitute about 80% of the total population of Dominica and there also exist a small Muslim community in the nation.

Which volcanoes are found in Dominica ?
There exist many volcanoes in Dominica. The highest volcano in Dominica is Morne Diablotins, however, there has been no historical eruption on this volcanic mountain. The latest eruption was from Morne Watt in the year 1997.

What were the latest natural calamities in the nation ?
Dominica suffered from Hurricane David, Hurricane Allen, Hurricane Luis, Hurricane Lenny and Hurricane Dean in the years 1979, 1980, 1995, 1999, and 2007, respectively. Most of Dominica’s banana crop was destroyed by Hurricane Dean in August 2007. Also, Dominica witnessed an earthquake in November 2004 which caused damages of millions of dollars.

When did Dominica become independent ?
Dominica became independent from the United Kingdom on 3 November 1978.

Who was the first Prime Minister of Dominica ?
Dame Mary Eugenia Charles was the first Prime Minister of Dominica. She held the office from July 21, 1980 to June 14, 1995. Till date she’s the only female prime minister along with being the country’s longest-serving PM.

Who are the notable people of Dominica ?
The nation’s most famous novelist and writer is Jean Rhys. Garth Joseph, famous NBA basketball player, Henry Wilcoxon, famous film actor, and the noted musician Prince Ital Joe all belong to Dominica.

What are the two major newspapers of Dominica ?
The Sun and The Chronicle are the two main newspapers published in Dominica.

What is the economy of Dominica like ?
Dominica’s major economic mainstay is still Agriculture with bananas being its principal crop. The production of Bananas, directly or indirectly, employs around one-third of the total work force. However, the sector is vulnerable to fluctuating weather conditions and also to external events which affect commodity prices. Dominica is now progressing into the exports of other commodities like vegetables, citrus fruits, patchouli, coffee, cut flowers, aloe vera, mangoes, papayas and guavas. The economy is also venturing into manufactured exports with soap being its primary product.

The development of travel and tourism is a little slow as compared to neighboring islands since Dominica has many volcanoes and few beaches. However, the country’s freshwater lakes, hot springs, mountains, rainforests, waterfalls and other diving spots make Dominica an appealing destination for travelers. There also has been an increase in Cruise ship stopovers after the development of waterfront facilities and modern docking. Eco-tourism is another thriving industry on the Dominican island.

Last Updated : September 08, 2014

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