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Salamis City Map

Salamis, Cyprus is an ancient city that had been the capital of the island during 1100 B.C. With an area of 1 square mile and lying along the
seashore, the city of Salamis has remained a standing witness to the successive civilizations that have inhabited the country as well as to the various historical events that have colored the pages of Cypriot history. One of the most interesting historical sites of Cyprus, Salamis, Cyprus still retains its importance after so many centuries of its existence.

Destroyed by a massive earthquake in 76 B.C and then again in 331 A.D, Salamis in Cyprus bears a monumental Gymnasium with a columned Palaestra. This is the most interesting and significant feature of the ancient city of Salamis. Another magnificent feature is the Roman Theater comprised of 50 rows of seat and with an accommodation of 15,000. Another spectacular Roman site is the Great Hall made up of various types of baths. Under the rule of the Roman Empire Salamis was an attractive city adorned with marble columns, statues, polychromatic mosaics etc. Today, only a few of these are left.

Vestiges from the Byzantine era, the Lusignan period and the Ottoman period are also present in Salamis Cyprus. The city abounds with a large number of historical relics form each of these historical epochs. The basilicas (St. Epiphanos and Campanopetra), sculptures, coins etc are still present in Salamis. Salamis had remained buried for over thousand years.Archaeological excavations have been in progress in Salamis and still continue to bring out various historical treasures of this ancient city.