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Kourion City Map

History bears the fact that Kourion was one of the most significant and illustrious kingdoms of ancient Cyprus. It was the seat of administration
and also the center o a flowering Greek and Roman culture. The people of Kourion in Cyprus considered the city to be founded by the migrants from the Aegean. The city contained a big temple for the worship of the goddess Hera. Jewelry, housed in the royal tomb of Kourion, represents the ancient Mycenaean art.

Archaeological excavations at the region have revealed valuable treasures from the various historical eras of Cyprus. Most of the historical remains are from the Hellenistic, Roman, Byzantine periods and from the other historical ages that followed these. The magnificent relics found in Kourion Cyprus include a massive tomb, pieces of jewelry, Christian basilica, the fountain House, the Theater, the Nymphaeum, the House of Achilles, the public baths, The Forum, the House of Gladiators and the House of Eustolios.

These historical remnants, along with the ancient materials, reflect great prosperity in the city of Kourion. Built at a great height, Kourion overlooks its surrounding areas including the river. Two well known kings of Kourion were Damasos, who ruled the city during the first part of 7th century B.C, and Stasanor who ruled in the first few years of 5th century B.C. Many of the archaeological remains have been preserved and the site of Kourion presently serves as an important tourist attraction in Cyprus that is a standing witness to the long history of the island.