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Fruit Bats in Comoros

About three species of Comoros fruit bats are available in the rainforests and the montane forests of Comoros. These species of Fruit bats are endemic to the region of Comoros.
They are also rated among the endangered species of the country. Due to their habitat loss, these fruit bats of Comoros are becoming endangered. Various conservation plans are being undertaken to conserve them. The endangered species of Comoros fruit bats include:
  • Livingtone's flying fox (Pteropus livingstonii)
  • Comores flying fox (Pteropus seychellensis comorensis)
  • Comores roussette (Rousettus obliviosus)

Livingtone's Flying Fox (Pteropus livingstonii)

These bats are found in the montane forests of Anjouan and Moheli. These rarest species of the Fruit bats in Comoros are common in this region. They are black in color with patches of fur on their body. They weigh around 700gm and their wing is about 1.4m wide. The main diet of these bats includes flowers, fruits and leaves.

Comores Flying Fox (Pteropus seychellensis comorensis)

This species of Fruit bats of Comoros are more commonly seen in all the islands of Comoros. They usually weigh about 450 gm and the wing span is about 1m.Their yellow head and shoulders and pointed ears make them distinct from other species of Fruit bats of Comoros. Their chief diet includes cultivated crops.

Comores Roussette (Rousettus obliviosus)

This species of Comoros Fruit bats are only found in Grande Comore, Moheli and Anjouan. The weight of this fruit bat is 45gm and the wingspan is about 0.45 m. These bats are smaller than the other species of fruit bats in Comoros. Their diet includes fruits, flowers and leaves.