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Mutsamudu Map

Mutsamudu is a city in the independent country of Union of the Comoros. Mutsamudu is the administrative capital of the Comoros island of Anjouan. The city is the hometown of the current Comoros President Ahmed Abdallah Mohamed Sambi.

The city, Mutsamudu in Comoros enjoys marine tropical weather. The temperature range extends from 27°Celsius to 32°Celsius all through the year. The climate prevailing in the region is hottest from the month of December to the month of April. Comparatively cooler weather is experienced from the month of May to the month of November. The currency used in Mutsamudu city is the KMF.

The city of Mutsamudu hosts a population that derives its ancestry from different parts of Africa and Asia. African mainlanders form a major chunk of the population. The minority includes a large number of Mutsamudu residents who have Malay ancestry. Creoles and Arab descendants are found in the Anjouan capital city. The Shirazi Persians make up the rest. The predominant religion followed in the island is Islam. The economy of the city and its adjoining regions are dependent upon the regular exports of ylang-ylang perfume essence. Agriculture and its allied industries make up the major employment sector in Mutsamudu.

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