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Fomboni Map

Fomboni is a city in the country of Union of the Comoros. The city is the administrative capital of Mwali Island. Fomboni is a minor tourist attraction in the Comoros archipelago.

Fomboni is the administrative and economic capital of Mwali Island. Fomboni city in Mwali has a population count of approximately 15,000 persons. It is the third largest city in Comoros. The beaches adjoining the city attracts beach loving tourists from all over Europe. The principal beach is the Sambadjou beach. The Nioumachoua beach is known for its pristine sun baked sands. The adventure loving tourist may indulge in underwater marine activities like snorkeling. Big marine life including whales and dolphins are seen in the vicinity.

Fomboni city in Comoros is also the nodal point for exploring the interiors of Mwali Island. Tourists may explore the dense tropical forests found in the central part of the island. Zoologists come to the place to observe the Livingstone bat. The Livingstone bat is the biggest bat species in the world. A number of diverse plant species are found in the forests. Another attraction for the visitor is the warm and welcoming nature of the local residents. The unhurried way of life may seem an elixir for the visitor coming from more developed countries.

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