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Domoni Map

Domoni is the second largest city of Comoros. It is located in the Anjouan island of Comoros. The latitude and longitude of Domoni is 12°15'25''S and 44°31'55''E respectively.

Domoni, Comoros, was officially founded by Fani Attouman Caletschipoutou in 1274 A.D. It is noted in history as the important trading center in the fifteenth century of Comoros, from where merchants traveled to Africa and Asia. The city was first inhabited by Arab merchants and their African slaves.

The nearest airport to Domoni in Comoros is Anjouan airport. This airport is connected to international destinations like Nossi-Be and Majunga and domestic destinations like Moheli and Moroni. Transport is quite frequently available from the Anjouan airport to the city.

The major attractions of the city include the old town wall, which guarded the coast from Malagasy pirates. As the city was under the Arabic influence several lovely mosques can be found here. The grand architecture of the mosques is worth visiting. Another landmark in the city of Domoni is the mausoleum of President Ahmed Abdallah Abderemane. The nearby Bimbini area has many beaches. The white sandy beaches and the azure sea attract many tourists to this place. Domoni also has a number of hotels where tourists can easily find accommodations.

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