Yiwu City

Yiwu is a city of China situated 100 km south to the city of Hangzhou which is the capital of Zhejiang Province. It is a hilly urban area. This city was established in the dynasty of Quin in 222 BC. Soon it became an economically strong city. In 1995, Yiwu ranked 47 th among the 100 economically strong Chinese cities. In 2001 Yiwu occupied the 19 th position among all the Chinese cities.

Apart from being an economically developed city this is also a culturally rich city. This city is infact one of the main cities of the People's Republic of China. It is self-sufficient to such an extent that Yiwu could be considered as a county-level city. This popular Chinese city has also acquired excellence in the fields of literature, education, engineering and art military. In this culturally developed city of China some of the renowned people took birth. Among all those renowned personalities we should mention the name of
  • Chen Wangdao who was China's first translator of the Communist Manifesto
  • Zhu Zhixi, the meritorious engineer who tackled the Yellow River
  • Wu Han, former deputy mayor of Beijing and historian
  • Zongze, a renowned general of the Song Dynasty he resisted aggression caused by the State of Jin. 15 towns, 8 villages are currently running their operation under its jurisdiction.

Yiwu has also gained popularity for its quality products which are bought by the people all over the world. They are also sold in the different other parts of China or abroad. It is indeed a commodities center of China. The market offered by this Chinese city of Yiwu consists of large variety of quality products and less expensive commodities. This world famous market place has become the greatest attraction for the shop alcoholic visitors.

Yiwu also provides 4C-grade airport which offers a load of air routes to the cities such as Beijing, Weifang, Shantou, Guangzhou and Shenzhen. Apart from this the Zhejiang-Jiangxi Railway and Hangzhou-Jinhua Expressway goes through the city. Due to this good transportation facility Yiwu has become an important local transportation center.

There is also a huge stadium and a large Christian Church in Yiwu. It is indeed a noted business hub of China. It is also recognized as a sock town for its excessive production of socks. The jewelry manufactured over here is also of good quality.

Last Updated on: October 13th, 2017