Universities in Yunnan

Yunnan University was established in December 1922. In the past 80 years, the name of Yunnan University has been changed for six times. It started its journey as the privately run University of the Eastern Land and with the passing phase of time it has been developed into the only key national general university in the province of Yunnan , China.
Yunnan University is located in the city of Kunming in Yunnan. The city of Kunming is the provincial capital of Yunnan. The campus area of Yunnan University is covered with the green shades of energetic ginkgoes and cherries. Within the campus area of Yunnan University you can find blocks of teaching buildings, library buildings, laboratory buildings, etc. are standing out among the varied colors of the blooming flowers.

Nowadays, Yunnan University in China has evolved as a key national institute of higher education, offering varied courses, such as, liberal arts, law, science, technology, economy, and management. The total numbers of student studying in Yunnan University in China have reached 19,872, of whom 9,919 are the full time undergraduate students, 2,853 are postgraduate students and 7,100 are students under the programs for the night university and correspondence university students.

Yunnan University currently has several affiliated schools, college and institute under its management. Few names of them are mention below:
  • School of Economy,
  • School of Adult Education,
  • School of Humanity and Liberal Arts,
  • School of Life Science and Chemistry,
  • Institute for Development Research,
  • School of Occupational Technology,
  • School of Law,
  • School of Public Management,
  • School of Business Administration and Tourism Management,
  • School of Foreign Languages,
  • International College of Modern Design Arts,
  • School of Medicine, School of International Relations,
  • School of International Cultures,
  • School of Tourism Culture at Lijiang,
  • School of Software Engineering, etc.

Yunnan University in China also administrates sixteen centers for development and research, twenty-five research institutes, ten research offices, and four teaching-oriented service centers.

The library in Yunnan University is furnished with modern facilities, which includes the modern, multi-functional and open information resource base. In this University you can find the computerized network management in all sectors like in the functioning of books' access, cataloging, circulation, and public recovery. The library of the University of Yunnan holds a collection of over1.2 millions books. In this collection you can find some exceptional copies and valuable historical literatures of China.

Last Updated on: October 13th, 2017