Jilin Travel

Jilin is a small province of the People's Republic of China and is located in the north eastern part of the country. It is one of the world's well-known regions for black earth. Traveling in Jilin is very exciting and adventurous because of its vast expanse of natural forests. It is one of the major forest regions in China.

The Changbai Mountains in eastern Jilin spreads over 1,000 kilometers. Jilin also boasts of rich natural reserves. There are 12 tourist areas, 92 sightseeing spots, 349 tourist spots, 8 places of historic importance, 35 natural reserves, 21 national forest parks, 104 historical sites and 3 provincial tourist resorts. Some of the popular tourist spots in Jilin include : 

  • Beishan Park - it includes a large lake. The East Hill has Embracing Moon Pavilion and the West Hill has Panoramic Sight Pavilion. In winter, the park becomes a popular place for skiing and skating.

  • Songhua Lake - there are many kinds of fish and the mirror like lake studded with boats is very popular.
  • Dragon Pool Mountain
  • Old City of Wula
  • Wu Song
  • Song Hua River
  • Puppet Manchurian Palace
  • Tainchi Lake
  • Baekdu Mountain
  • Ancinet Tombs at Longtou Mountain
  • Gorguyeo sites and tombs
  • Pyramidal General's Tomb
  • Mausoleum of Princes Zhenxiao
  • Changbaishan
  • Meteorite Shower Museum
  • Deshengtuo
  • Hot springs at Antu and Fusong
  • The Baohai Ancient Tombs in Mount Liuding
  • Jingyuetan Forest Park

On your visit to Jilin you can book your rooms at any of these hotels : 
  • Century Swissbel Hotel
  • Jilin Empire Garden Hotel
  • Cover Xiguan Hotel
  • Home Inns
  • Jilin Shen Zhou Hotel
  • Crystal Hotel
  • International Hotel
  • Zi Guang Yuan Hotel
  • Baicheng Hotel
  • Baishan Hotel
  • Changbaishan Hotel
  • Changchun International Hotel

Jilin is among those provinces of China which boasts of a highly developed rail transportation system. The Shenyang-Harbin Railway is the central axis, with trunk rail lines branching out in all directions. Highways are used for short-distance transportation. The Second Songhua River helps in inland navigation and plays a significant role in Jilin's transport system. You can easily find car rental agencies in Jilin which offer dependable service on affordable prices.

Last Updated on: October 10th, 2017