Hotel in Henan

Henan is a popular destination for tourists visiting China. There are many Hotels in Henan to cater to the needs and budgets of travelers. Henan Hotels like the Yuda Palace Hotel provide guests with an unforgettable atmosphere of elegance and luxuriousness. While Budget Hotel accommodations in Henan like the Henan Industrial University Hotel provides cheap and comfortable rentals for budget travelers.

Some of the best Hotels in Henan are -
  • Sofitel Zhengzhou
    289 Chengdong Road, Zhengzhou 450003, China
    On an average, room rents range from $124 for standard rooms and $166 for suites. Seasonal discounts are available on rent from time to time. The Hotel Henan Sofitel is famous for its impeccable service and famed for it's facilities like bars, lounges, heated pools, restaurants and concierge service.

  • Crowne Plaza Zhengzhou
    115a Jinshui Road, Zhengzhou 450003, China
    The Hotel is a five star rated hotel and one of the very best in the city. The hotel shares its premises with the Holiday Inn. It has 222 spacious rooms, decorated luxuriously and with amenities like room service and free Internet access. Facilities like swimming pool, gym, business center, coffee shop and restaurants are available. Room rents range from $170 for standard rooms and $204 for suites.

  • Henan Gongye Daxue Binguan (Henan Industrial University Hotel)
    Wenhua Lu 48, Zhengzhou, China
    Located opposite the Henan Industrial University, the hotel is a great option for the budget traveler. It offers clean rooms and comfortable lodgings for as low as $15.

  • Tianquan Dajiudian
    Xi Datong Lu 1, Zhengzhou, China
    The hotel is great for mid range travelers looking for a bargain. Room rents range between $44 to $48 for a standard room and about $149 for a suite. The three star hotel offers guests comfortable furnished rooms, a complimentary Chinese breakfast and facilities like a bar, restaurant, gift shop and gym.

  • Yuda Palace Hotel
    Mid Zhong Yuan Road 220 Zhong, Zhengzhou 262519,China
    One of the premier hotels in China, the Yuda Palace offers guests a choice of 356 rooms and suites. The rooms are spacious and décor is elegant Italian. The rents range from $180 for a standard room and upwards of $300 for one of the opulent suites. The hotel also provides guests with a choice of restaurants, a bar, a disco floor, pool and spa.