Guizhou Travel

Travel to Guizhou to experience the unique culture and traditions of the multi ethnic diversity of the province. Nature had bestowed all her blessings on this province located in the south west of China and while traveling Guizhou this natural splendors are bound to treat your eyes. The lush green paddy fields surrounded by the olive green mountains create a unique scenic beauty of this region. During the festivals of the different ethnic groups the people from all over the world and from China travel to Guizhou .
Guizhou can be good honeymoon destination for a couple or travel destination to a group of adventure lovers. The serene beauty of the villages will cleanse and rejuvenate ones spirit.

The province of Guizhou was undiscovered by the tourist community for long time. Very recently the enchanting natural beauty, exotic customs and the mystifying landscapes has made it a very well known travel destination. The pleasant climatic condition of Guizhou will welcome you in any season of the year. The Maolan Karst Forest Natural Conservation within the forest of Guizhou is a traveler's paradise. The mountains, limestone caves and the mysterious flora and fauna of the forest relentlessly fascinate the tourists.

The universally renowned waterfall called the Huangguoshu waterfall is a miracle of nature. Tianxingqiao scenic resort is in vicinity to this waterfall. This resort is located in the lap of the nature and a stay in this resort can be very exciting. From Anshun city in Guizhou the mystic Dragon Palace can be visited. This limestone cave for its excellent internal designs has been designated with the title of a palace and a boat ride through this cave will take you to a dream land. The beautiful spot near the Hongfeng Lake should be visited without fail while traveling Guizhou. The festivals of 15 different tribal groups all year round are major tourist attraction.

It is better to travel through the province of Guizhou by trekking. A bicycle can also be used to interact with the local people and observe their life style. A visit to Guizhou otherwise known as the 'Garden Province' of China will be an unforgettable experience for any one.
Last Updated on: October 9th, 2017