Xiamen City

The City of Xiamen is situated on the southeast coast of the province of Fujian . This famous city of Fujian was once the home of the egrets and thus it is also known as " The Egret Island ". The remote island of Xiamen was joined to the People's Republic of China by the two causeways named Jimei and Xinglin.
Xiamen is positioned on the second place amongst the largest cities of Fujian. It encompasses an area of 1,516.12 square kilometers. Being located on the subtropical zone Xiamen experiences warm and humid climatic conditions.

This large city with approximately 1.17 million population is a home to lot many Chinese living in Taiwan and is also the entrance and exit point for all the Chinese living abroad.

Lot of tourists visit the place in the month of April and November which is considered to be the tourist season of Xiamen . It provides the tourists from Taiwan the "visa on arrival" and to the other tourists it provides visa to the Xiamen Special Administrative Region.

The beautiful City of Xiamen is one of the hottest tourist destination centers of Fujian. It houses some of the famous tourist destinations including the Gulangyu Islet, Nanputuo Hill, Wanshi Crag, and Jimei along with an interesting tourist destination in the sea. The Nanputuo Temple at Xiamen is famous for its vegetarian dishes and the Lujiang Hotel for its medicinal food preparations based on the ancient recipes.

Some of the important places at Xiamen that are of great tourist interest as well comprise of : 
Gulangyu Islet : This famous island of Xiamen is situated towards the southwestern region of Xiamen. This island holds an area of 1.78 square kilometers. Gulangyu is full of natural beauty and is therefore called "a shining pearl in the Orient" and "the garden on the sea". Gulangyu the house of music and pianist is full of an enriching ambiance, lush trees, sunlit beaches, red tiled houses, majestic mountains and lovely seagulls, has flowers blooming all through out the year giving it a mesmerizing beauty.

The Wanshi Crag Scenic Area : This area is the part of the Gulangyu Islet and Wanshi Mountain Scenic Area. This hilly region expands over 26 square kilometers including the 7 square kilometer stretch of the coastal region. This famous tourist destination of Xiamen includes Wanshi, Taiping, Zuixian, and Huxi mountains, the New Forest of Tablets, Zhongshan Park, and the Xiamen Botanical Garden.

The Hulishan Fort : This famous fort was built in the 17 th century towards the southwestern region of Xiamen during the rule of Emperor Guang Xu of the Cling Dynasty. It is built on an area of 10,000 square meters and houses many Chinese and Western guns and mortars.

Some other famous places at Xiamen include : 
  • Aoyuan Garden at Jimei
  • South Putuo Temple
  • Taiping Rock

Last Updated on: October 7th, 2017