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Fujian the southeastern coastal Chinese province and the largest tea producing region in China is a beautiful place to travel . Fujian with a beautiful natural site of magnificent mountains, rumbling rivers, picturesque attractions, green tea gardens and exotic beaches and islands forms a famous and cherished travel destination of China.

The famous travel sites that attract travelers from the different regions of China and all over the world include some ancient monuments and sculptures that not only speak of the 10,000 years old history of Fujian but also depict the influence of the different religions on Fujian including Buddhism, Christianity, and Islam. Some of such monuments that are worth visiting in Fujian include the fourteen Buddhist temples and The Qingjing Mosque.

Some other attractions in Fujian that attract travelers from all over the world include:

  • The Minju, Liuyuan, and Puxian Operas
  • The Quanzhang Puppet Show
  • The Nanyin Music
  • The Zhuzi School of Philosophy

The beautiful mountain ranges at Fujian that provide it with a mesmerizing charm and attract several tourists with their incredible charm include:

  • The Wuyi Mountains
  • The Qingyuan Mountains
  • The Tailao Mountains
  • The Gulangyu Islet
  • The Wanshi Crag

Some of the famous cities to be visited while traveling in the Fujian province include:

Fuzhou : Fuzhou the provincial capital and the largest city of Fujian houses some of the most beautiful places and historical remnants of Fujian. It is famous all over the world for its hot springs. This famous joint of handicraft exhibits Shoushan stone carvings, bodiless lacquer ware, and cork patchwork. A precious stone mined in Shoushan has been preserved safely. Some famous places to visit in Fuzhou are The Main Hall of the Hualin Temple, Forest Park, Forest Park, The Shibachong Stream, Gushan Mountain, Tomb of Lin Zexu and Pingtan Island.

Xiamen: Xiamen the second largest city in Fujian is the main entry and exit door for Chinese from abroad to and from China and also the familial home of several people living in Taiwan. The best time to visit Xiamen is from the month of April to November. Some of the famous places to visit at Xiamen include Gulangyu Islet, The Riguang Crag, The Wanshi Crag Scenic Area, Wanshi, Taiping, Zuixian, and Huxi crags, the New Forest of Tablets, Zhongshan Park, the Xiamen Botanical Garden and The Hulishan Fort.

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The other famous cities worth visiting while on a tour of the Fujian province include:

  • Zhangzhou
  • Quanzhou
  • Putian
  • Ningde
  • Longyan
  • Nanping
  • Sanming

Famous Museums at Fujian : While traveling to Fujian you must visit its famous museums that include:

  • Provincial Museum
  • Municipal Museum
  • Lin Zexu Memorial Hall
  • Zheng Chenggong Memorial Hall

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