Hefei, Anhui Province

Hefei, Anhui Province is the capital of Anhui Province, a beautiful province in the Eastern part of China.

Hefei, Anhui Province in the administrative system of China occupies a certain rank that is above a county and below a province. This rank is called the prefecture level. Hefei, Anhui Province the capital city of Anhui province, has an interesting history of its own. Hefei, Anhui Province is culturally rich also. There are many attractions in this city for travelers apart from its being the capital of Anhui Province.

Hefei, Anhui Province is situated in the central part of Anhui Province. It has Chuzhou in the Northeast, Lu'an in the West, Chaohu in the Southeastern part and Huainan in the Northern part of its border. Its position is such that it has made Hefei coveted for a long time starting in the distant past. As Hefei in Anhui Province is situated between the Northern and Southern part on a mountain base, many kingdoms had fought for its possession in the past. Even a famous battle known as the Three Kingdoms battle was fought for it in a place which is now a historical heritage of this capital city. Hefei, Anhui Province, thus, founded in the Han Dynasty in the 2nd Century in Anhui Province, has a very interesting history to offer to the travelers.

Apart from the historical background, Hefei has some other tourist spots which are very attractive to the travelers. Among these the chief can be said to be the famous battle ground where the Three Kingdoms battle was fought. This battle ground is named as Leisure Ford. The other tourists spots are, Lord Bao Temple, Hui Garden and Children's Welfare Institute.

Hefei's weather is such as very suitable to the visitors in this capital city of Anhui Province. The temperature generally ranges between twelve to sixteen degrees and rainfall is also moderate that has a usual reading of within 1000 mm. The hottest months here in Hefei are from June to August and the coldest months are from December to Mid February.

Hefei, Anhui Province has a number of industries now and its economic condition in general is stable. But for certain reasons its financial condition is not getting brighter. Hefei has lots of colleges and universities that also make it an educational aspect bright. Hefei, Anhui Province, on a general view, is a proper capital city for Anhui.

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Last Updated on: October 6th, 2017