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Sigli, Chad

Sigli is a picturesque town in Chad. It is situated on the latitude 8.5667 and longitude 17.1500 and the altitude of this place is approximately 1259 feet. The cities and towns, which are closely situated beside Sigli, include Bessa, Bedotoumba II, Kokabri II, Siri I and Binganele. The time zone of it is UTC+1.
Since the past few years Sigli- a City in Chad has been attending a huge number of tourists and to tackle this rush several hotels are being constructed at the heart of the city. In Sigli there are many 2 star, 3 star, 4 star and 5 star hotels. Each of them provides wonderful accommodation facilities to the residing guests. One can also go for inexpensive hotels if he is interested to save his hard-earned money.

Beside, this there is also a series of restaurants in Sigli. Here one can have his meal according to his own taste. This is not all; the shopping facilities and the availability of transportation also deserves mention.

Apart from this, the activities that can be done over here include the following:
  • Visiting the Comedy Club
  • Visiting Sigli Art Gallery
  • Sigli Walking Tour
  • Sigli City Tour
From the above discussion, it is quite clear that a Chad tour without a visit to Sigli is in fact an incomplete one.