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Google Map of Sarh

Sarh is an important city of Chad, which is located in the Moin-Chari region of which it is the capital. It is also the capital of the Bar Koh department. The average elevation of the Sarh city is 1141 feet or 347 meters above the sea level.
The time in Sarh as in other parts of Chad is uniform, which is counted 1 hour ahead of the Greenwich Marine Time. This city had once been an important place for the French colonialists, who had taken the trouble to establish several schools for the education of the retired laborers of Congo- Ocean railway. There are both public and private institutions for education and higher studies can be pursued till the university level.

Sarh lies in the close proximity of certain other cities of Chand. The nearest of them include Batara to the east, Banda to the west, Begou to the north, Kassai and Maingara to the south. The city of Sarh has a strange mixture of African culture with a prominent hangover of the French culture. Significantly, the city of Sarh is believed to be the twin city of Cherbourg-Octeville, a town pf France. Transportation within the city is available by cars, cabs and buses.