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Google Map of Pala

Pala is a small city in the country of Chad in African continent. It is the capital of the Mayo kebbi Quest region. Pala lies at an altitude of 470 meters and is located at +9.36 (9°21'36"N) Latitudes and +14.9 (14°54'00"E) Longitudes.

Language of Pala, Chad
The Language spoken by the people of Pala is Fula. This West African language is considered as the first language of the Tukulor, ancient African tribe, residing in the valley of the Senegal River. Fula is spoken as the second language for rest of the Pala people. There are different names for Fula such as Pular, Pulaar, Fulfulde and Fulani. Consonant Mutation that is change in the consonant due to morphological environment is an important feature of Fula Language. The insertion of syllable in the middle of a word is another feature of this language.

The Pala Airport is located at an accessible distance from different places in the city. The airport has an unpaved runway which is meant for only lighter aircrafts. The runway length is 5200 feet. FTTP is the International Civil Aviation Organization code for Pala.

The first gold mine at Pala was excavated by a South Korean company named Afko.