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Google Map of Moundou

Moundou is a Chad city, which is located to he southwestern part of the country. It had been an important center for the French colonialists, primarily because of its location amidst the cotton plantation.
Indeed the Moundou region is commercially active in more than just one ways. It also has a brewery that was established in 1964. The Cotton Research Institute on the other hand is even older as it was founded in 1939. The climate and the geographical locale of Moundou city is the chief reason behind the region being suitable for cotton plantation. The humid and hot weather, the nearby location of the Logone River are all that is necessary for the success of the cotton plantation.

This apart the city is better facilitated than many other towns and villages. There is a school, which educates students till the secondary standard, a hospital to provide for basic medical aid to the local population. Also, the city has electric power supply.

Moundou lies to the close proximity of a number of cities and towns of Chad including Kamgorio, Matede, Kolom, Laba, Makoula, Kaga, Toura, Koro, Koutoubara, Bemia, Mainane, Koutou-Bebo, Ngara and Koutoukouma. The time in Moundou lies one hour ahead of the Greenwich Marine time as in other parts of Chad.