Yemeni official said its time to end child marriages

  • Local officials insist on the fact that the incident about the 8-year girl dying of internal injuries on her wedding night is a hoax. However, the public outrage over this story has been increasing in the region and the human rights inspector of Yemen, Hooria Mashhour has said the country needs to put an end to the practice of child marriage. 

    Mashhour herself believes that the incident could be true since she claims to have spoken to the human rights coordinator for the ministry at the place where the incident supposedly took place and was informed that everyone is denying the story and withholding information perhaps due to fear. 

    Reports suggest that locals have been asked to not speak to reporters but a police officer said he has seen the girl himself and she is fine. A child rights advocate in the region, who is looking into the case said "the government is informing us that the child in their custody and still alive, while other local sources are saying that she was secretly buried."

    The government is refusing to allow us to visit the girl in their custody," the advocate said. 

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