Woman's death on the Texas roller coaster to be investigated

  • A 14-story-high roller coaster at Six Flags in Texas caused the death of a woman on Friday. A spokesperson for the amusement park said they are committed to figuring out the cause of the accident since the inability to do so would mean disservice to the family.

    CNN hasn’t been able to reach the family of the deceased woman for any comment. However, according to Facebook posts, her son called the incident a nightmare and also called his mother, his best friend.

    The authorities are certain of there being no foul play involved in the accident and other visitors in the park reported that they saw the woman tumble and fall. Six Flags has said that the ride has been closed for further investigations since the safety of their guests is for them a priority.

    This roller coaster is 153 feet high and drops 147 feet to the ground, according to Six Flags. 

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