Winter Storm Jonas affected areas in USA (Expected)

  • US snow storm heads out into the Atlantic Ocean

    With the working week set to begin in the US, people across the eastern part are facing huge challenges as a massive snowstorm paralyzed many cities. According to media reports, many government buildings and schools in Washington will remain shut on Monday. However, airports still remain disrupted and several roads are still dangerous. The storm has considerably weakened and is now heading out into the Atlantic Ocean.

    Eighteen dead in US snowstorm

    At least 18 people have died - mostly from traffic accidents - due to a huge snowstorm that has brought much of the eastern part of the United States to a standstill. As per media reports, some 85 million people have been affected by the snowstorm, while 11 states have declared emergencies. New York authorities have banned all non-essential travel. 

    Eastern United States wakes up to heavy snowfall

    People in many parts of eastern United States woke up to 18 inches of snow. The region witnessed a massive blizzard. As per reports, some 85 million people were affected after heavy snow began falling on Friday across 20 states. The snowfall also led to traffic jams. Thousands of people were stranded in a 35-mile traffic jam in Kentucky, which witnessed the heaviest snowfall.  

    Snow storm leaves 120,000 homes without electricity in east coast

    The massive snow storm, which has started pounding several inches of snow across most parts of US’ east coast, has left more than 120,000 homes without electricity. Media reports quoted the National Weather Service as saying the Blizzard will last about 36 hours.

    US storm: Nine dead in accidents

    At least nine people were reportedly killed as a snowstorm struck the eastern part of the United States. As per media reports, a man was killed in Kentucky when his car rammed into a salt truck. Two passengers have been admitted in the hospital. In North Carolina, five people died in separate motor accidents. Two people died in accidents in Tennessee, while one man was killed in Virginia when his car slid off the road and crashed into the tree.

    US storm: Weather expected to get worse on Saturday

    At least 85 million people are in the path of a huge storm that is expected to hit most of the East Coast of the United States. As per media reports, the snow has begin to fall; however, by Saturday morning the weather is expected to get worse. Around eight people have reportedly been killed as a result of the winter storm. Washington D.C., which is taking a direct hit from the storm, has declared a snow emergency. States of emergency have been declared in North Carolina, New York, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, Kentucky, Georgia, Tennessee and New Jersey.

    US storm: Blizzard warnings in effect

    As a major storm is expected to bear down on the US, supermarket shelves were left empty and flights cancelled.  As per reports, the storm, which is expected to dump historic amounts of snow in eastern United States, led to the shutting down of schools and offices.  According to the National Weather Service, a blizzard warning was in force for a large part of the eastern United States from Washington north to New York and Philadelphia. 

    US gears up for Wonter Storm Jonas

    The US is gearing up for a huge blizzard which is bearing down on the country’s east coast. As per media reports, the blizzard will dump near-record levels of snow on the Mid-Atlantic region and Washington DC. More than 50 million people in the country have been warned of a "potentially paralyzing storm" that can lead to power outages and disrupt road and air travel.





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