WHO raises Risk Impact of COVID-19 Novel Coronavirus from "High" to "Very High"

  • The World Health Organization (WHO) has raised the impact risk from COVID-19 novel coronavirus to “very high”. Till now more than 85,000 confirmed cases of infections and at least 2,933 deaths (out of which over 2,700 deaths in China and 57 deaths in 46 other countries) have been reported across the world. The near-pandemic has adversely affected the global supply chains, postponed travel plans, and canceled major events, leading to the largest weekly fall in the global stock market that wiped out around $5 trillion. China’s National Health Commission has said on Saturday that the total cases of COVID-19 coronavirus on Friday in Mainland China were 427 (out of which 420 from the epicenter Wuhan itself), an increase from 318 confirmed cases on Thursday. However, the reported confirmed cases of infection in Mainland China except Hubei province have reached its lowest level on Friday. The report published by China’s national statistics bureau on Saturday shows a record pace of contraction in manufacturing activity in February. The total confirmed novel coronavirus infection cases in South Korea on Saturday were 813, taking the total confirmed cases to 3,100. Reports say that around 86% of the reported infection cases in South Korea have come from Daegu and nearby towns. Another Asian country that is worst hit by coronavirus is Iran, where the number of deaths and infected people till Saturday has reached 593 and 43 respectively. In the United States, the total confirmed cases of infection until Friday have reached at least 64 including 3 new cases reported on Friday. France is the latest country to put country-wide cancellation on “all gatherings of more than 5,000 people in confined spaces” after 16 new cases of coronavirus infections have been reported, taking the total number of confirmed cases to 73 since January. Britain’s health department has announced that the total number of infected cases in the United Kingdom has reached 23 on Saturday. Other countries where COVID-19 coronavirus has spread to recently are Mexico, New Zealand, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Lithuania, and Nigeria.