Weapons are finally being sent to Syrian rebels

  • The U.S. had talked about sending weapons to the Syrian rebels back in June. Although, there has been a substantial amount of delay, the promise has been kept. 

    Reports suggest that the weapons being sent by the Central Intelligence Agency arrived in the country about two weeks ago. The State Department is responsible for taking care of the other requirements such as high tech communication devices and vehicles. 

    The delay was caused due to the difficulty of being able to direct the weapons through a war zone and away from jihadists. 

    The Washington Post has described the lethal aid as being "light weaponry" that doesn't even include the two kinds of weapons (antitank and antiaircraft) that the rebels wanted. An opposition official said the rebels are receiving weaponry that is "better than nothing". 

    The "clandestine bases" that have been recently built in Turkey and Jordan are being used to reroute the shipments. 

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