Warring South Sudan's Fighters Block Humanitarian Aid, Flare up Starvation

  • South Sudan’s government has urged the relief workers in the hunger affected country to leave just before a planned offensive, putting the already starving populace in acute condition.

    After UN warned that four Middle Eastern and African countries – South Sudan, Yemen, Somalia, and Nigeria – are all set to face the greatest humanitarian crisis since World War II, aid to these countries started to rise.

    However, the warring factions – both soldiers or administrative restrictions and insurgents – are reportedly blocking aid workers.

    Clash between President and Vice President of South Sudan (newest country of the world that got independence in 2011) in 2013 led to a full blown ethnic conflict, killing 50,000 people.

    Reports say 40 per cent of the 12 million South Sudanese populace are considered “food insecure”.  

    Aid workers fear that the South Sudanese government is intentionally blocking humanitarian assistance as per their deliberate tactics for starvation.