Map of Western Australia showing Waroona bushfire affected area

  • Three people missing in Waroona bushfire
    Jan 09, 2016 -
    Around three people are reported to be missing in a bushfire that engulfed a town in Australia. The blaze, which has been dubbed Waroona fire, badly affected Yarloop, which is located south of Perth. As per media reports, at least 130 properties were damaged in Yarloop; however, State Premier Colin Barnett has said that it will be rebuilt. The blaze, which continues to threaten other areas, is approaching Harvey.

    Bushfire in western Australia destroys 95 homes

    A bushfire ripped through the western Australian town of Yarloop destroying about 95 homes. As per media reports, about one third of the historic town, which lies south of Perth, has been razed and three people are unaccounted for in the blaze, which has been dubbed Waroona fire. The blaze was fanned overnight with wind gusts of up to 60km/h.





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