Village elders in India order gang rape

  • Another gang-rape in India is making headlines. However, this one is especially hard to believe since it was the village elders that ordered men to assault a 20-year-old woman who dared to fall for a man belonging to a different tribal group. 

    The crime happened in West Bengal and reports suggest that the 13 men involved have been arrested while the woman remains in the hospital. The incident began when her lover came to her house to propose and was tied up along with the woman. 

    The couple was ordered to pay a fine and the man was released after he paid it but the woman couldn't afford it. "Her family could not pay, so go enjoy the girl and have fun," a village elder reportedly said. 

    The residents of Chowatta appear to have conflicting sentiments since they believe the girl deserved the punishment for brining shame to their community They also insist that the men are innocent. 

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