Venezuelan President Maduro Thanks Armed Forces for remaining Loyal during US-backed Opposition Coup

  • Venezuelan President Nicholas Maduro has thanked the armed forces for staying loyal to his government and defeating the coup-attempt by US-led opposition leader Juan Guaidó. While delivering his speech outside the Miraflores presidential palace, Maduro put the blame of widespread power cut on the cyber attacks led by the United States and Venezuelan opposition. During the speech at a pro-government rally on Saturday, President Nicholas Maduro called the self-declared interim President and opposition leader Guaidó “a clown and a puppet" of the United States. He went on to call for unity among his supporters and also announced his upcoming pan-Venezuela tour, during which he will ask his supporters to join the mass protest, which is going to be held very soon. Meanwhile, the opposition forces clashed with the police during an opposition march in the capital city Caracas.