Venezuela Faces Widespread Powercut, Maduro Government Accuses US Sabotage

  • A widespread power cut affected Venezuela on Friday. The power cut started on Thursday after a major hydroelectric plant faced major problems. Electricity supply in Venezuela is majorly dependent upon hydroelectric infrastructure. Reports say decades of underinvestment have led to damages in major dams, which ultimately causes sporadic blackouts. While the US-backed opposition blamed the Maduro government for the blackout, the Venezuelan government has accused the US of its involvement in the sabotage. During a press conference on Friday, Jorge Rodriguez (Vice President of Communication, Tourism, and Culture of Venezuela) demonstrated evidence of Marco Rubio’s (US senator for the state of Florida) participation in the cyber sabotage. As electricity is restored gradually throughout Venezuela, Rodriguez thanked Venezuelans for showing calmness. He also described the situation as “the most brutal aggression to which the people of Venezuela have been subjected in 200 years.”