Vasectomies may get outlawed in Iran

  • Iran began to distribute free condoms two decades ago but it's now planning on doing the opposite. The parliament of the country is looking to put a ban on vasectomies as well as a crackdown on abortion services and contraception. 

    Supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said Iran's population needs to increase but the current contraception policy of the nation is similar to that in the West. 

    "If we move forward like this, we will be a country of elderly people in a not too distant future," he said. An AIDS activist, on the other hand, said contraception is not the reason for the current slow birthrate. 

    "They are not able to procreate because social, economic problems are stopping them from marriage," he said. "The blame should be on those problems, not a policy that has worked quite well."


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