USA Sends Patriot Missile System to Middle East during Rising Tensions with Iran

  • At a time of escalating tensions with Iran, the United States has sent a Patriot missile-defence system to the Middle East. Reports say the US will also send USS Arlington warship (having amphibious vehicles and aircraft on board) to accompany the USS Abraham Lincoln strike group in the Gulf. Pentagone has said that at a base in Qatar US B-52 bombers have already arrived. When asked about the sudden rise in fleet movement concentrating in the gulf region, the US administration said that it is in response to the threats made by Iran to the US forces. While dismissing the US claims as nonsense, Iran government said that the recent US deployments in the gulf region are a US strategy of “psychological warfare” to intimidate Iran. The Islamic Republic of Iran has made it clear that they are all set to resume uranium enrichment nuclear activities.