USA Sending Troops and Military Equipment to Saudi Arabia after Drone Attack on Oil Infrastructure

  • The US Secretary of Defense Mark Esper has told media that they are sending US forces to Saudi Arabia after the drone attacks on the Saudi oil infrastructure. The deployment is “defensive in nature”. When asked about the number of troops that will be deployed in Saudi Arabia, Esper said that the number has not been decided yet. While the Houthi rebels of Yemen claimed responsibility of the attack, both the United States and Saudi Arabia blamed Iran for the same. New “highest level” sanctions have been announced by the US President Donald Trump earlier on Friday that will focus on both the central bank and the sovereign wealth fund of Iran. The US Secretary of Defense also said that the troops are being sent after the requested assistance of Saudi Arabia and UAE. The US forces will boost air and missile defenses and the USA is sending the military equipment to both these countries in an accelerated manner.

    Saudi Arabia

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