US Wildlife Regulator Slams Trump Administration's Alaska Drilling Study

  • The comments published this week by the US Fish and Wildlife Service has criticized the Trump administration as the latter failed in adequately considering climate change, oil spills, and the welfare of polar bears while studying the proposed drilling in Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR) of Alaska. This harsh criticism may ultimately derail the most high-profile item in the energy agenda of the US President Donald Trump. Reports say the Interior Department is likely to lease sale around 400,000 acres in the largest wildlife sanctuary of the USA, ANWR, later in 2019. However, the process may face multiple lawsuits if the process of permission is flawed. The ANWR Coastal Plain draft environmental impact study (EIS) has been accused by the Fish & Wildlife Service of neglecting multiple environmental effects and at the same time lack of the response plans in case of oil spill.