US Supreme Court Allows Trump Administration to use US$2.5 Billion Funds to Build US-Mexico Wall

  • The US Supreme Court (5-to-4 ruling) has overturned the ruling of a California judge that prevented the US President Donald Trump from using the US$2.5 billion Pentagon funds for constructing a part of the US-Mexico border. The court also said that the fund can be used by the Trump administration while litigation over the matter proceeds. It went on to observe that the group which challenged the administration didn’t seem to have the legal rights of doing so. One of the 4 justices, Stephen G. Breyer, who dissented the ruling said that he wouldn’t have allowed the construction of the wall and only allowed to pursue preparatory work. The US President Donald Trump was elated by the ruling and promptly wrote on Twitter that it is a “Big WIN for Border Security and the Rule of Law” and they can now go ahead with building the Southern Border Wall.