US States start to Reopen Economies in Phase 1, World Bank warns 60 Million People can become Extremely Poor due to COVID-19 Pandemic

  • The total number of fatalities in the US from COVID-19 novel coronavirus is nearing 110,000 (109,802 deaths as per John Hopkins’ COVID-19 tracker). The total confirmed cases of coronavirus in the US are currently hovering around 1,920,061. Though there is a downward curving in the number of new deaths, COVID-19 infection is spreading widely across the US. With the US states deciding to reopen their economies partially, the risks of faster spread of the virus remain. The reopening efforts by the New York governor, Andrew Cuomo, have gained momentum as the state witnessed a dramatic decline in deaths and confirmed infection cases. Cuomo announced that New York City (the pandemic epicenter of Covid-19 pandemic in the US) is all set to reopen on June 8, 2020, as part of Phase-1 of economic reopening. The tourist hubs across the US (such as Las Vegas’s famed casinos and theme parks of Florida’s Orlando) have started to reopen. Dr. Anthony Fauci (the person spearheading the US response to Covid-19 pandemic) has repeatedly voiced concern about the continuing and intensifying protests as the congregation of large crowds increases the probability of faster spread of coronavirus transmission. India’s total confirmed cases of COVID-19 infections has jumped by more than 10,000 in a day, taking the total count of confirmed infection cases to 2,46,549. This surge in infection has made India surpass Spain’s count of 2,41,310, making it the 5th largest country with the most number of COVID-19 coronavirus cases. World Bank President David Malpass has said that the COVID-19 pandemic has caused a “devastating blow” to the world economy, which may push 60 million people into “extreme poverty” across the world.