US Reports Nearly 34 Tornadoes in the Country as of Early Monday

  • As per the National Weather Service reports, at least 34 tornadoes have hit Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Georgia in United States as of early Monday. After ravaging through the South, the tornadoes have moved to the North, putting nearly 150 million people under a wind advisory warning. Amongst several states, Mississippi also got the hardest hit by a storm on Sunday. As a result, several lives have been lost, as confirmed by the Mississippi Emergency Management Agency. Further, another resident of Georgia was killed in Cartersville on Monday morning when a tree fell on the house, as confirmed by the Deputy Chief Ray King of the Cartersville Fire Department. Besides, the country emergency management director Karen Blevins has spoken to CNN that death had been reported in Jefferson County, Arkansas, in the same way of a tree falling on houses. Emergency officials advised safety from the storm, which took priority over social distancing amid the Coronavirus outbreak.

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