US President Starts His "Transformative" 36 Hour Saudi Tour, To Deliver Speech on Islam

  • King Salman and leaders in Saudi Arabia gave US President Donald Trump a glittering welcome in Riyadh on his first international tour. Saudi Arabia awarded Trump with highest civilian honor. Both the countries signed lucrative business and defense deals amounting to a whooping $350 billion, which includes military deals worth $110 billion. Saudi state media has called the US President’s 36 hour visit “transformative”, transforming the tensed relationship between the two countries to a strategic one. A Saudi ministerial aide said that President Trump is a businessman and will get the things done, which is a good thing for Saudi Arabia. Later on Sunday, US President Donald Trump will deliver a speech on Islam, which the political analysts believe will improve Trump’s anti-Muslim image and at the same time give him the opportunity to bolster support for US fight against ISIS.