US President Donald Trump Confirms they are Pulling Out from Coldwar-era INF Treaty with Russia

  • The US President Donald Trump has said that they are withdrawing from the landmark Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces (INF) treaty with Russia as he alleges the latter violated the treaty, agreed upon by the two countries in 1987. Trump said they’ll not be part of the treaty where Russia keeps using banned ground-launched medium-range missiles while they are not allowed to. The US President also said that he’s surprised why his predecessor President Barack Obama “didn't negotiate or pull out”. Reports say former President Barack Obama accused Russia of violating the INF treaty back in 2014. However, he didn’t pull out from the treaty after the European leaders pressured him not to do so as it may lead to restarting an arms race. After the US President’s confirmation, Russia has condemned the US plan and said the move is motivated by a “dream of a unipolar world”.