US Attacks Syria: US Launches Missiles on Syria

  •  Russian President Vladmir Putin Held Meeting of Security Council 

    April 7, 2017: As per reports, a meeting of the security council was held by Russian President Vladmir Putin in order to discuss Russia's response to US attack on Syria. The participants expressed their deep concern at the negative consequence that the action could bring.

    The council discussed how this strike could harm the US-Russian relations. They further talked about all the possible ways that could help Assad's army.



    Russian Military Extends Help to Syria to Strengthen its Defences

    April 6, 2017: As per reports, after US launched 59 Tomahawk cruise missiles on Syrian airbase, the Russian military is extending its help to Syria so that the country can strengthen its defences.

    As mentioned by Russian defence ministry spokesman Maj Gen Igor Konashenkov, complex of measures will be done very soon in order to protect the highly sensitive Syrian infrastructure facilities.

    He further added that out of the 59 Tomahawk cruise missiles, only 23 missiles reached the Shayrat air base. Six MiG-23 fighter jets of the Syrian air force, that were under reparations, were destroyed. However, Syrian warplanes at the base were not damaged.


    US Launches Missiles on Syria

    April 6, 2017: As per reports, the US military launched missile strikes against a Syrian airbase which is known to be controlled by President Bashar al-Assad's forces. The 59 Tomahawk cruise missiles were reportedly fired at 04:40 Syrian time (01:40 GMT) in response to the fatal chemical attack in a rebel-held area.

    Speaking from his Mar-a-Lago estate in Florida, President Trump urged all civilized nations to join in order to end bloodshed in Syria.

    Reports also say that Russia, which supports Syrian military, was informed before the US attack.


    US Launches Missiles on Syria