US: Court stays order after Trump's vetting on refugees causes outrage

  • A federal judge has restrained the government of US from deporting Muslim migrants and refugees those were detained at various US airports after the newly sworn President Donald Trump issued new vetting yesterday to confine immigration from seven Muslim nations.

    Judge Ann Donnelly has ordered a temporary stay against the new vetting by Trump after human rights groups went to court against Trump on behalf of two Iraqi men who were held on Friday after landing at New York airport.

    Judge said the both the Iraqi men — and several others in the same situation — had a strong probability  of proving in court that their right to due process and equal protection had been violated.

    The Trump led government has recently attracted immense criticism from across the globe over the new executive order. Airlines have already began turning away passengers heading to the US after immigration officers at JFK held the two Iraqi men despite of them possessing valid visas.

    Trump had signed an order on Friday creating setting the stage for the controversial vetting programme that he promised during his electoral campaign. The order has restrained refugees from entry for 120 days and prohibited entry for Syrian refugees until next orders.

    The ruling also prohibits citizens of seven Muslim nations — Syria, Iraq, Iran, Sudan, Libya, Somalia and Yemen — from entering the US for 90 days.