US-Backed Syrian Democratic Forces Launches "Final Battle" against ISIS

  • The Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), backed by the USA, has started their final assault against the ISIS-controlled enclave in Eastern Syria. The ISIS enclave consists of 2 villages and is located near the Iraqi border. Mustafa Bali, an official of the US-backed SDF, has described their recent assault on ISIS as “the last battle”. He went on to tweet saying that the operation to make the ISIS enclave free from miscreants has started on Saturday and the mission will be accomplished soon. Bali went on to say that SDF waited patiently for the last 10 days for clearing the 20,000 civilians living in the concerned enclave. Senior SDF official Redur Xelil said that they will capture the area from ISIS by end of February. However, he went on to caution everyone that the security threat from ISIS will be present even after the enclave is cleared from the militants.