US asks Intelligence Agencies to Probe Whether China and WHO hid Information about COVID-19 Pandemic

  • The White House has reportedly sent instructions to the intelligence agencies (including CIA, National Center for Medical Intelligence, Defense Intelligence Agency, and National Security Agency) seeking information about the early days of the COVID-19’s outbreak in China. Reports also say that the intelligence agencies have been ordered to comb through all possible sources including human source reporting, communication intercepts, satellite imagery, and other data to find out whether both China and the World Health Organization (WHO) hid information about the then-emerging COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic. When the US President Donald Trump was asked about these reports, he confirmed it and went on to say that he’s already receiving important inputs from the intelligence agencies. Trump made a scathing attack on WHO by saying that the organization has changed into “a pipe organ for China”. He also said that despite the US being the “largest contributor to WHO”, the organization has misled them. The officials of the World Health Organization have said that they had given enough time to the world to respond to the coronavirus pandemic. Chinese officials have criticized Donald Trump’s administration of carrying out delayed response after COVID-19 started spreading in the US.