US Arrests Former Marine Accused of Raiding North Korean Embassy in Spain

  • Reports say that the US authorities have arrested a former US Marine Christopher Ahn for his alleged role in raiding the North Korean embassy in Madrid (Spain) in February 2019 and stealing electronics. While the arrest was done on Thursday, the accused was produced in federal court in Los Angeles on Friday. The armed US federal agents reportedly raided leader of Cheolima Civil Defense Adrian Hong’s house on Thursday, making the arrests. The Cheolima Civil Defense group (who want to overthrow North Korean leader Kim Jong Un) raided the North Korean embassy in Madrid (Spain), restrained the embassy workers, physically beat them up, and removed computers/hard drives, and handed over the materials to the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Reports say the seized materials have been returned by the FBI to the Spanish court (probing the raid). The Spanish authorities, in turn, have returned the materials to Pyongyang’s mission.