UN believes chemical weapons used in Syria

  • The United Nations has said it has "reasonable grounds" to believe that chemical weapons had been used in Syria.

    The development was revealed in a report compiled by a team of UN human rights investigators and is based on interviews with victims, medical staff and other witnesses.

    "There are reasonable grounds to believe that limited quantities of toxic chemicals were used. It has not been possible, on the evidence available, to determine the precise chemical agents used, their delivery systems or the perpetrator," Paulo Pinheiro, who heads the UN Commission of Inquiry, said at a press conference in Geneva earlier today.

    The team of 20 investigators carried out 430 interviews from January to May with refugees in neighboring countries and via Skype with those who remain in Syria.

    The Syrian government has repeatedly dismissed claims over the use of chemical weapons, which are illegal under international law.

    Accusations over chemical attacks were made against the government following incidents across the country in March and April.

    The United States has in the past stated that the use of chemical weapons would be a "red line" for possible intervention.

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