UK: 'Bags for Life' Contains More Plastic Than Single Use Research Says

  • As per a new research, United Kingdom Supermarkets are producing more plastic than ever even after several promises to cut down on the same. A joint report from Greenpeace and Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA) shows that nearly 900,000 tons of plastic waste has been found in the year 2018 and retailers are responsible for that. Further, as compared the data with 2018, in 2019 seven of the 10 largest supermarket chains produced higher plastic packaging. A new campaign has been launched called 'Bags for life' to eradicate single use plastic but turns out it contains more plastic as 1.5 billion of these plastics were sold in 2019. Hence, the campaigners requested the supermarkets to increase the price of the bags to 70 pence ($90) as in the same pricing there is 90% reduction in purchase of the bags in Ireland.

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